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Towkok Tea Estate

Towkok Tea garden is lies along the banks of river Towkok; it is a known fact the centuries ago tribes from Thailand migrated to Assam and are known has the Tai Ahom Tribe. In Tai language means dancing tortoise. This property was stabilised in 1885 and folklore says the river had abundance was dancing tortoises. This property was acquired by Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd. in 1955 from Assam Tea Company.


Surrounded by government reserve forest inhabited by a variety of wild life, the Towkok Tea garden is situated on the banks of river Towkok, which also acts as a natural boundary for the garden on its western side. Towkok in Tai language means dancing tortoise. In those days it was heard that Towkok River was full of dancing tortoises when the first tea plantation in the area was established on its banks in the year 1885.

Towkok estate was acquired by Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd. in 1955 from M/S Assam Tea Company. Spread across total area of 3132.20 hectare, only 500.24 hectare was under tea cultivation at the time of take over. Jayshree Tea management invested in expansion and increased the total area under tea cultivation to 1427.03 hectare. For better management of the expanded area under tea cultivation, the garden was divided into 3 different estates in the year 1970. The new estates after division are Towkok Tea Estate – 845.66 Hectare, Manjushree Tea Estate – 403.38 Hectare and Mangalam Tea Estate – 117.99 Hectare. With further investment in manufacturing and quality control, the garden also has to its credit reintroduction of Orthodox tea in Upper Assam after conducting various experiments to find the ideal manufacturing technique for 100% orthodox during the first flush. This garden also has its own tram trolley line connected to railway Station at Bhojo, to carry and deliver green leaves.

The garden is well accessible by roads, rail and airways. National Highway 37 is about 52 K.M. from the Garden. The nearest Railway station Bhojo (Broad Gauge) is around 12 K.M. from the Towkok Tea Estate. The Airports near the gardens are at Jorhat & Dibrugarh.

  • Some facts
  • Area under tea cultivation to 1427.03 hectare of  the  total area of 3132.20 hectare
  • Credited with reintroduction of Orthodox tea in Upper Assam.
  • Has a tram trolley connected to the railway station.
  • Tippy Teas with top class liquor&  strength popular in Germany
  • Types of Tea : Orthodox Black Tea ,CTC Tea, Tippy Black Tea
  • Engulfed by a reserve forest inhabited by wild life

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