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Nagri Farm Tea Estate

Tea Bushes used to be smuggled from China into the Darjeeling Hills.  It in 1857 a person called Greenhill chose to a dairy, in Darjeeling. The area he chooses was where the current property is located as it was. Famous for a fort built by the Gorkha Army during the Sikkim-Nepal war. He called it Nagri farm. This farm in 1883 was converted to Tea Garden. However the locals refer to this area As Makarjung.


Nagri Farm Tea Estate has about 256 hectares under tea cultivation. It had already become a tea estate by 1883. Mr Greenhill, the estate’s owner, appointed a British manager for his operation and built a small factory near the area where the Director’s bungalow stands today

Mr Greenhill sold the estate to Williamson Magor and the Chamong Group bought Nagri Farm Tea Estate in 2001. This garden became purely organic in 2004

Your One - Stop Online Tea Shop

Tea, a word that immediately makes a person think about a refreshing experience, is certainly the second-most consumed beverage in the world. Right from being invented in 2737 BC in China to modern day online tea shop, tea has made its way from being herbal medicine to a sophisticated drink which even the Queen of England is fond of. Today, tea has become a necessity for almost 85% of the businessmen and working professionals. This is mainly because with each sip tea lovers are teleported from their busy schedule to a lush green tea garden that reminds them how beautiful the nature is and its gifts (Yes, we are talking about tea!).

TeaDuniya is a vision which intends to offer fresh tea to the world. Witnessing the sorry situation which was seen at restaurants and food joints, it had become evident that store owners were no longer interested in serving people and were making quick money with poor quality of tea. We are a revolution whose intent is to serve premium quality tea to every home and let people discover the true bliss of sipping Darjeeling Tea or Assam Tea in their home, offices and even while travelling.

With a hope to change the definition of online tea shop, TeaDuniya launches a premium quality tea store which offers hand-plucked fresh tea from the estate to your tea cup. May it be a case of buying organic tea or ordering green tea online, we will deliver it to your doorstep and give you the true experience of a boon called ‘Tea’.

Let the world be a better place with Tea. Let’s not make deadly weapons and bombs, let’s make some good tea. Let’s not declare war, let’s resolve the differences over a cup of tea! Let’s make this world a better place with every sip of tea.