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Castleton is the crème de la crème of all Goodricke’s gardens. It was planted in 1885 by Dr. Charles Graham. The slopes span Kurseong, Pankhabari and the Hill Cart Roads. Snow peaked ranges and soaring verdant hills encircle the garden. The predominantly China bushes grow at elevations of 915 metres to 1830 metres above sea level with mountain, earth, sun, mist and dew, shed their gentle blessings to produce the world’s finest teas. Castleton’s teas are prized by connoisseurs and royalty, whether in Japan, England or the Middle East and are available at the Castleton Tea Centre located across the factory on the Pankhabari Road and fetches high prices at the world’s olodest tea auction centre at Kolkata. The name Castleton has been derived from a building which looked like a castle and still exists in Kurseong. This ‘Bank Ghar’ belonged to a money lender who made this grandiose fort. The original name of this famous garden was Kumseri. Interestingly, departing from usual practice, the tea sections here have been given names, not numbers. These names tell stories of adventure and are echoes of the past. Bhalu Khop (bear cave), Jim Basha (the erstwhile manager's domain), Dhobitar (washerman’s clothes line), Baseri (resting place). are some of the interesting section names. Quality remains the quintessence of Castleton. The garden has been awarded the ISO9000/HACCP/ISO 22000 Quality Systems Certification, thus ensuring the legacy of excellence for the future. Castleton’s teas, created from select and pure China bushes are exquisite and delicate. Fragrant like roses, golden like sun-spun amber, the teas are most prized for their unique ‘muscatels’, comparable to sweet summer wines, with intense fragrant top notes of musk.

Your One - Stop Online Tea Shop

Tea, a word that immediately makes a person think about a refreshing experience, is certainly the second-most consumed beverage in the world. Right from being invented in 2737 BC in China to modern day online tea shop, tea has made its way from being herbal medicine to a sophisticated drink which even the Queen of England is fond of. Today, tea has become a necessity for almost 85% of the businessmen and working professionals. This is mainly because with each sip tea lovers are teleported from their busy schedule to a lush green tea garden that reminds them how beautiful the nature is and its gifts (Yes, we are talking about tea!).

TeaDuniya is a vision which intends to offer fresh tea to the world. Witnessing the sorry situation which was seen at restaurants and food joints, it had become evident that store owners were no longer interested in serving people and were making quick money with poor quality of tea. We are a revolution whose intent is to serve premium quality tea to every home and let people discover the true bliss of sipping Darjeeling Tea or Assam Tea in their home, offices and even while travelling.

With a hope to change the definition of online tea shop, TeaDuniya launches a premium quality tea store which offers hand-plucked fresh tea from the estate to your tea cup. May it be a case of buying organic tea or ordering green tea online, we will deliver it to your doorstep and give you the true experience of a boon called ‘Tea’.

Let the world be a better place with Tea. Let’s not make deadly weapons and bombs, let’s make some good tea. Let’s not declare war, let’s resolve the differences over a cup of tea! Let’s make this world a better place with every sip of tea.