Yo! Tea = Yoga and Tea…..

Yo! Tea = Yoga and Tea…..

The benefits of yoga are known the world over. Yoga not only helps one fit and active but it helps to keep different illnesses at bay. It helps to calm down muscles thereby releasing stress and fatigue from the body and rejuvenating ones physical and spiritual self in the process. Doesn’t this remind you of something else? Yes, your daily cup of Tea, of course! A perfect cup of tea helps to get rid of the stress and liberates your body and mind in the process. So, together, tea and yoga makes the perfect couple who advertises good health.

In the west, the yoga studios serve tea at the end of a session allowing one to take some time to come back to reality. When we practice yoga, our whole body relaxes and the mind elevates to a higher level where peace and tranquility prevails. This sense of calmness prevails even after the yoga session gets over and so when you have to rush back to your hectic life it comes as a rude jolt. Tea, acts as the perfect bridge that connects you with the practical world.

It is interesting to know that one is served different types of tea depending on the time of the yoga session. If you are opting for morning classes then you will be served ginger tea or herbal tea as they have invigorating and stimulating properties. Whereas if you have evening classes then you get to drink something that helps to create a sense of calmness such as jasmine, lavender, wood betony (mint family), licorice, or chamomile.

Besides the healing properties and antioxidants, tea also helps to strengthen social bonding and unity. Over a cup of tea, one gets to spend time with the other students of the yoga session and discuss not only the training conducted and what will be taught in the next yoga class but maybe ones personal lives as well.
In the traditional Japanese tea drinking ceremony, the tea drinkers sit on the floor in what is known as vajrasana in yoga, a position which is meant to be good for digestion and ailments related to the stomach.

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