What made me Buy Organic Tea?

What made me Buy Organic Tea?

I have heard so much about Organic Tea that at one point of time I was really miffed with the hype. What is so special about this tea that the entire world is going gaga over it? Be it health nutritionists or my friends (who tried this variety of tea) swore by it ample benefits. Being a teaholic myself, I always prefer my tea with ample milk and 1 spoon of sugar. I simply can’t do with these two ingredients.

Okay, okay, by now I have understood what the benefits of Organic Green Tea are but I still love my milk tea. (Old habits die hard, I guess). I will be sharing the multiple benefits of this tea but you decide whether you should go for it – after all to each his own, isn’t it?

Jasmine Tea

A rich source of anti-oxidants: My first reaction was really? But isn’t all the varieties of teas are rich in anti-oxidant? Well, tea is really a good source of anti-oxidants but not all the varieties. The organic variety takes the cake here. The organic green tea will help you to bulk up on the anti –oxidants so that your cholesterol is well under control thereby reducing chances of cardiac arrest with a controlled BP.

Cancer prevention: Buy Organic Tea today and stock it up. It is now proved that it helps to fight cancer. The Asian population is more susceptible to cancer especially in the pancreas, rectal, colon, bladder and even stomach. Recent survey shows organic green tea helps to fight prostate cancer as well.

Help with arthritis: Joint pain is quite common in the Asian Countries; in fact it is very prominent throughout the world. And if you suffer from arthritis you must be aware of the burning sensation. It is so irritating and can be a real pain. But there’s good news. Organic green tea helps to reduce the burning sensation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Liver protection: Improve your immune system by taking 2 cups of organic green tea daily. Don’t you think you should Buy Organic Tea by now? Still skeptical? Let me clear your confusion here. With improved immune system your body will help to ward of toxins which in turn will enhance the functionality of the liver.

Teeth protection: Ensure good oral health with this tea. Flaunt a bright, shiny smile the next time you meet someone. Everybody loves a good smile, don’t they? Organic green tea fights bacteria thereby protecting your teeth against the harmful effects of cavities.

Weight loss: Planning to lose weight for a long time but your hectic schedule is preventing you from doing so? Don’t get stressed, drink organic green tea. Yups, they contain polyphenols that help to burn weight and regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

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