Welcome Chilling Winters with A Cup Of Darjeeling Tea

Welcome Chilling Winters with A Cup Of Darjeeling Tea

It is too early to wish ‘Merry Christmas’ to your loved ones, but organizing a tea party is never too late especially when the winter season is about to arrive in the next few days. If you are in North India, you may be already experiencing a nip in the air. In winter, the lovely smell of roasted peanuts, and steamed momos make you feel hungrier than ever. Sundays become the best time to enjoy family picnics, and of course, it is with an array of lip-smacking food and loads of fun. While the makke di roti and sarson ka saag become a staple food in the dinner time in several households, it is usually a cup of hot Darjeeling tea or chai that make the morning more comfortable. It has a delicate flowery flavor that makes you feel fresh enough to shed your reluctance of putting aside your blanket. Easy to prepare, the tea leaves from the charming tea estates of famed hill station also offers multiple health benefits. Team it with your favorite winter snacks like crispy pakoras, samosa, or potato sticks, and feel heavenly!

Organize a tea party or just invite your best friend to have a meaningful conversation over a cup of tea. Welcome the coming chilling winters with Darjeeling tea from Tea Duniya


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