Tea and its Connection with India

Tea and its Connection with India

What is the first thing that you do in the morning? A majority of the people will say that they have a cup of tea when they wake up in the morning. Tea has been an integral part of the lives of people all over the world. In India, various kinds of teas are available like Darjeeling tea, Assam tea and others. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world, second only to China. India is also the largest consumer of tea in the world.

Tea in Ancient India

One will be amazed to know that in ancient India, Ayurveda used herbal tea. Ingredients like mint, basil, pepper, cardamom were mixed with the teas and fed to the patients for the treatment of various small and serious ailments affecting individuals. The flavor of tea helps in reducing the tastes of the other ingredients used and this enables one to dink it easily.

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Tea has references in the Ramayana too. It has been found that tea has been gown in Northern and Eastern part of India.

Commercial transaction of tea did not begin until the arrival of the British East India Company. It was during that time that the company converted land for tea farming.

Tea drinking has been found to be extremely beneficial for the health. Many people think that it has caffeine and will lead to sleeplessness. But in reality it has less caffeine and will not hamper much in the process. It has antioxidants which is extremely beneficial for the skin. Green tea especially has been found to be helpful in losing weight. Tea has also been found to be helpful in strengthening the bones, boosting the immune system and fighting diseases as grave as cancer too.

So sip your cup of tea and enjoy great health in the future!!


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