Switch to the benefits of Green Tea

Switch to the benefits of Green Tea

Tea is not only for taste, but also good for your health. Tea Duniya brings you all new range of Green tea, which checks your health and keeps you away from bad diseases. Darjeeling Green Tea, Dolly’s Darjeeling Silver Green, Glenburn Darjeeling Green Tea, Tulsi (Basil) Green Tea, and Sungma Green Tea are the few names that teaduniya.com offers you.

The benefits of Green tea are incredible and in the long run you can stay healthy and fit. Green tea drinkers enjoy the medicinal properties and increase their life span. Below-mentioned are the amazing benefits for the diseases.

  1. Heart Disease: If you drink Green tea twice a day, you can keep away heart attack. Green tea controls the blood pressure and do not allow the clots to form, which is the main reason of a heart attack.
  2. Weight Loss: All you obese shift to green tea to reduce your excess fat. It increases the metabolism and polyphenol in green tea intensifies the fat oxidation levels.
  3. Esophageal Cancer: It is not oxidized and contains antioxidants, which kills the cancer cells and does not hamper healthy tissue near them.
  4. Tooth Decay: Catechin, present in tea is a chemical antioxidant destroys virus and bacteria that cause throat infection and other bad dental issue.
  5. Fight Depression/Skincare: Green tea drinkers get a relaxing effect because of Theanine in the tea leaves. It is an amino acid, which controls your depression, stress and tension. Green tea is also good for your skin and fights ageing.

How to prepare Green Tea:

  • Take a stainless steel pot. Boil a cup of water in the pot.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of green tea in the filter and place it on the cup. For 1 cup of water, you need to take 1 teaspoon of green tea.
  • Then, slowly pour the hot water through the filter and finally add sugar or honey as per your choice in the cup and stir it completely.
  • It is ready and you should have green tea twice a day or more as per your body requirement.

Switch to Green tea from Tea Duniya and stay blessed with good health. Click on www.teaduniya.com to check out the collections of green tea that you can order online.
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