Spring Tea Party Ideas – Make it Tea-licious

Spring Tea Party Ideas – Make it Tea-licious

The month of February brings not only Vasant Panchami celebration of Saraswati Puja, but also welcomes the season of new births, new flowers, and perhaps even new love. Yes, Spring is in the air, perhaps the most favorite time of the year because of the great weather and respite from the cold, chilly winter winds. To embrace the season of love, how about organizing an outdoor tea party for your friends and family members? You can choose the lawn or garden area of your own house, alive with flowers of a myriad shapes, sizes and colours to catch the attention of the guests for the tea party.  They can relax on garden chairs or lounge on the swing while catching up on gossip over delicious snacks and endless cups of their favorite teas.

Let’s discuss 3 special ways in which you could attract your guests and serve the most delicious teas:

The essence of Royal touch

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In this section, you can place an array of traditional tea drinks from the best collections of Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves. For tea lovers who prefer that classic, royal and exotic sip of tea this section is where they would discuss the subtle differences between the fine tippy and the orange pekoe, the oolong and the muscatel, the white and the black!

Cocktail Fun
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GenX always want some quirkiness in their life and when it comes to modern age tea lovers, they go crazy over the tea cocktails and mocktails. The more innovative the bar tender is, the more fun it is for the nouveau tea drinkers. Of course there are also a whole new range of flavoured teas too from fruit to chocolate to chamomile to nuts even.

Healthy wealthy
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This section is for the Fitness freaks. Innumerable combinations with Green teas, oolong teas and white teas, whether it be the lemon mint or ginger or even the trusted tulsi, one just can’t stop them to sip in talking about the virtues of drinking a “healthy wealthy” cuppa tea.

What are you waiting for? Make a list of all those whose winter parties you attended, arrange your garden chairs and buy any type of tea you require for this unique “Spring Tea Party” from the extensive range available only on teaduniya.com.


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