Have a SPEC-TEA-CULAR Republic Day!

Have a SPEC-TEA-CULAR Republic Day!

Nothing beats coming home to a steaming cup of finely brewed tea after a long hard day’s work and that is exactly the kind of aspiration TeaDuniya aims to fulfill for you. Being the second-most craved refreshing beverage, tea is more than just a simple drink.

It works as a super bond maker at the local tea shop at the end of the lane where every morning the world and its various escapades come together over short sips and crisp whiffs. While the jogger meets up with his old friend, news from around the world is dissipated over a steaming cup of tea. That is how intensely we Indians feel about the world and our love for tea.

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India being the epitome of diversity and an amalgamation of cultures has also the finest teas from different corners of the country.

TeaDuniya presents these distinctive flavours to you on a digital platform so that you can enjoy the enriched diversity of India without having to cross mountains and swim oceans. Encompassing a large collection of premium flavors and top-notch organic brands, we at TeaDuniya will leave you spoilt for choice.

Republic day is upon us and what better way to celebrate this fortunate joyous day than urging the Indian inside you to raise a cup or two in memory of those who fought valiantly in order for us to be able to enjoy this liberty.

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Let the Republic Day morning shine bright as you brew yourself one of the best cups of tea…not sure which tea to choose? Why not opt for the soothing Darjeeling classic tea? If you like your tea strong then you should definitely give authentic Assamese tea a chance. Passionate about flavors? Want a cup of that hand roasted smoky kangra? Yes! We have them too. Want something organic and healthy? Of course you can definitely get it at TeaDuniya.

Come shop for some of India’s best branded teas in all categories: Darjeeling, Assam, Green, Black, White, Oolong, fruit flavoured, chocolate …we have it all.
From exotic oolong to popular chai TeaDuniya acknowledges your passion and wants to help you live it. Celebrate integrity, brotherhood and love as we bring in republic day with sinceritea and patrioteasm.


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