She enquired, “Online Tea Shop?” – An episode of Tea Story

She enquired, “Online Tea Shop?” – An episode of Tea Story

Catching up with old friends is always a pleasure, especially when they are childhood friends with whom you were not in touch for many years. There are so many things to share, so many things to discuss – it is practically recapitulating the bygone era. Gosh, what an exciting thing it is! Few days back, I saw Naina in the supermarket. Initially I failed to recognize her, but our eyes met and I felt I knew her. However, I avoided confronting her, what if it was not her?

I got engrossed in buying the groceries. When suddenly, someone touched my shoulder! To my surprise it was Naina who came forward. One look and I was amazed at how good she was looking, Naina thought! She has lost so much weight!! Should I ask her about it or should I wait? Naina decided to wait. After exchanging pleasantries, I enquired Naina if she was free for lunch. It will be so good to catch up on the bygone days.

“So, how have you been?” Naina enquired. “Great! Just changed my job, my son got promoted to Class III; Life’s been good, touchwood! How about you?” – I replied. The casual banter continued for sometime before Naina popped the question. Honestly, I was waiting for her to ask me, after all the way she was eyeing me throughout the lunch.

“How did you lose so much weight? You were so chubby during our school days, in fact if I remember correctly, you were hefty in college too. What brought about this change?” “Tell Me!” – enquired Naina.

I just could not control my laughter and burst out hysterically. “I knew you would ask me this. Was waiting to hear this question from you” – I said. Well, I do exercise. But that’s not enough. I will tell you the secret provided you promise to follow my footsteps, deal? – I said. “Deal” replied Naina.

In spite of regular exercise, I stopped losing weight after a certain point. It is then that I stumbled across Green Tea. I had heard a lot about it and all the beauty blogs that you browse speaks highly about this tea. So I thought of giving it a try.

The first few days were tough. No matter what others ell you Naina, Green Tea sucks when it comes to taste. You have to develop a taste for it. It’s bitter and bland unlike the other varieties of tea that we drink. And yes, you cannot add milk and sugar to it. Can you imagine tea without milk and sugar? And to top it all, you should know how to make it. But more on that later!

Green Tea Duniya

As I was saying, regular intake of 3 cups of green tea for 6 months resulted in weight loss. I began to notice the changes after the 1 month. I felt light, my skin started to glow and there was a sense of inner peace. Sounds weird, but I did experience all this.

“Great going girl!” “I have also heard about the benefits of Green Tea. So it works, huh?” – Naina said. I must try out some. Where did you purchase it from?

“Well, that’s another interesting news!” – I replied. I purchased it “ONLINE”. She enquired,Online Tea Shop?”

Yes!!! – I replied. Check out They have an extensive collection of teas. Starting from Darjeeling Green Tea to Khongea CTC Chai, you can also Buy Assam Black Tea and many more varieties at the click of a button.

“Thanks, for sharing the good news. I will place my order today!” “Hope it safe and secure!” – Naina said. “Absolutely, it is! I am buying from them for so many months now and I have never faced any kind of issue.” “Let me do one thing. Let me refer you in their website, so that I get a discount too! Cool, isn’t it?”


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