Roasted and Castleton – the 2 jewels of the Goodricke family!

Roasted and Castleton – the 2 jewels of the Goodricke family!

In the last 38 years and counting Goodricke has gifted us with a wide variety of tea to suit the different palate. And every time they have excelled their last offering.


The Roasted variety offers a commanding unique Darjeeling blend that cannot be mistaken for any other tea. With its distinct fire and malty taste, one can enjoy the tea with or without milk. One look and you are sure to get charmed by the reddish golden tint of the tea. Roasted is undoubtedly Kolkata’s favorite- Largest selling Darjeeling Tea Brand.

Castleton Premium: Blue Caddy

Produced in limited quantities from May to Mid July, Castleton Premium: Blue Caddy is booked by importers in advance every year. The Exclusive Second flush Mucatel is very rare and is not produced in any other tea garden. The heavy full bodied tea with a musky fruity taste gives this tea its legendary popularity.

Castleton Vintage: Black caddy

The Castleton Vintage: Black caddy is mainly of the 1st and 2nd flush variety and has a distinct chinary character and flavor. It is an exclusive blended whole leaf tea from Castleton gardens.


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