After par-tea New Year Resolution

After par-tea New Year Resolution

Hope you had a wonderful start to 2017. Every year, we talk about New Beginnings and New Resolutions in the New Year. No worries if you haven’t yet made your resolution for 2017, as we have an interesting resolution for you: Stay Healthy Resolution. Well, new resolutions can be like babies, a lot of fun but high maintenance. While making healthy resolutions, do not overdo the promises or else you will feel bored or too challenged at the end of the first month itself.

 Following are the resolutions for 2017: 

1. Yoga

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It not only helps you stay healthy, but also controls your mind and soul. Yoga increases your body flexibility, releases your muscle tension, helps in losing weight, and improves muscle strength. It even controls your anxiety, stress and balances the hormone level. Don’t just think about taking yoga session? Sign up at the nearest yoga studio and hit the yoga mat to gain its 100% benefits towards a balanced life.

2. Green Tea-


Swap your cup of caffeine with a cup of green tea. It has miraculous benefits on your overall lifestyle. Start your morning with a sip of green tea and over the weeks, you will realize the benefits of these magic leaves. It is a smart choice for 2017 and the world is going gaga over healthy living. Green Tea refreshes your morning and keeps you active for the entire day. It improves your immune system and keeps you away from all types of diseases. Some of the best Green Tea may be found at like Dolly’s Darjeeling Silver Green, Glenburn Darjeeling Green Tea, Chamong Tulsi (Basil) Green Tea, Barnesbeg Organic Ginger Tulsi and Barnesbeg Organic Lemon Mint.

3. Say No to Junk Food-


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Stress of everyday living and pressures at work force one to eat packaged food and food on the go which translates into, yes, junk foods. These foods actually excite our bad hormones and result in various health problems, skin problems and internal system problems. “Clean Eating Healthy Living” is the mantra of 2017.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! It’s still the first week of January and you have the whole year ahead of you to switch to a healthy lifestyle! Go ahead and grab that life changing pack of Green Tea and resolve to start your New Year in a smart way.


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