Orthodox tea or CTC tea? Let’s explore some differences

Orthodox tea or CTC tea? Let’s explore some differences

There are two main categories of teas and they are called orthodox tea and CTC tea. The orthodox tea is the type of tea that is prepared in an orthodox style and they are basically available in the loose leaf form. The processes that are involved in this tea are plucking, withering, then rolling, fermentation or oxidation and finally drying.

CTC tea i.e. Crush, Tear and Curl is actually a process in which the tea is made using the cylindrical rollers and the leaves are again passed and with the help of the blades they are processed till they become small granules.

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3 differences of both the teas are-
  1. Orthodox tea production is based on focused preserving while CTC tea involved in faster homogenized production.
  2. Orthodox tea’s production depends on traditional practice and it is time-consuming while CTC tea is the FASTER mode of production. The freshly plucked leaves are transferred into A CTC machine which then crush, tear and curl for 2 hours.
  3. Orthodox tea flavor counts among the authentic and royal experience. Whether it is black, green, Oolong OR white tea, the flavor of these teas are the best. This tea flavor is associated with health benefits. On the other hand CTC tea is reputed to be strong and dark in color and flavour and this tea is mostly consumed with milk and sugar or with a dash of lemon.

So there is actually no good or bad tea: it depends totally on your taste whether you like your tea strong or subtle in flavour, by itself or with milk and sugar, hot or iced.

Whatever it be TeaDuniya brings you a wide array of choices. Know your taste preference and choose the best tea for you.


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