Make your Diwali “Khaass” with #GoodrickeKhaass tea!

Make your Diwali “Khaass” with #GoodrickeKhaass tea!

Diwali is the perfect time, when everyone returns home. Whether it is your brother and sister or your homecoming, Diwali is the time which we love to spend with our loved ones.

To make your Diwali more “Khaass” and memorable have come up with something special for all tea lovers across the globe. You can now buy the #GoodrickeKhaass tea online from us. Made out of 15% Long Leaves and Golden Buds, this tea has an unparalleled aroma and distinct flavor which sets it apart.

So go ahead and indulge in some “Khaass” moments this Diwali with #GoodrickeKhaass tea.

Happy Diwali & prosperous festive season from Team


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