Goodricke Tea Flavors available @ TeaDuniya

Goodricke Tea Flavors available @ TeaDuniya

Good news for all you tea lovers!! Now, the exotic Goodricke tea flavors are within your reach. TeaDuniya, proudly announces our association with Goodricke. Now you will have all the variants of Goodricke tea products at the click of a button.

From Darjeeling Premium Tea, Castleton Premium Tea Bags, Seasons 3 in 1 Pinewood Chestlet, to Badamtam, Barnesbeg-Leaf and Teabags – everything is available under the single roof of TeaDuniya.

Barnesbeg-Leaf and Teabags…

The unique mellow and light taste sets the Barnesbeg-Leaf and Teabags apart from the other varieties. A 100% organic cultivated green tea, it is rich in anti oxidants which helps in reducing cell damage, minimizes the rate of cardiac arrest and cancer. In fact, it is well known for its anti aging qualities. And like the other varieties of green tea, it also helps to reduce weight.

Badamtam leaf tea…

Popular across the globe because it is a first flush tea, you can gift it to your loved ones who are an ardent lover of Premium Darjeeling Tea.

Seasons 3 in 1 Pinewood Chestlet …

An exclusive gift item for all those who do not wish to miss out on the different tea harvesting seasons of Darjeeling, you get all the 3 season’s packed in 1 box.

Spring- 1st flush, Summer- 2nd Flush and Autumn- 3rd Flush – each one has its own distinct taste that sets it apart from the other two.

With each sip of Goodricke tea, soak in the taste, beauty and romance of the hill stations. Go ahead and place the order today!


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