…. For the love of “Tea”!!!

…. For the love of “Tea”!!!

It is not only the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi who is promoting “Chai pe Charcha”, but almost every one of us loves to discuss things over a cup of tea. Whether it is an earthen pot (kuldhar), at the road side tea stalls or a steaming one served in an attractive porcelain cup, this beverage is a part of the daily life of millions of people across the globe.

In India, anytime is tea time as long as you have the company and mouth watering snacks to accompany it. And if you flip through the pages of history you will see how this beverage has led to significant changes in world history, be it the “Boston Tea Party” or the more recent “Governor’s Tea” – a special event hosted for A-listers of the city.

Be it China, Japan, England or India – each country has a story associated with tea. Around 2737 BC, Emperor Shen Nung of China discovered the medicinal qualities of Camellia Thea Sinensis – the infusion of which has fascinated tea lovers and researchers for centuries.

Since 800 AD, it is a ritual to drink tea in Japan, all thanks to the initiative of Buddhist Monk Yeisei.

The Duchess of Bedford in England introduced drinking tea as the third meal in between lunch and dinner. Since then drinking tea has become an integral part of both the UK royals as well as commoners.

And our very own, Singhpo and Khamti tribe of North East India, drink tea and that too with the help of a bamboo stick that serves as a straw. How cool is that?

Tea Junction, Cha Bar, Tea Trove, Chai Break are some of the popular joints in Kolkata where you can try out different flavored teas from across the globe. And for the techsavvy you can always place your order at www.teaduniya.com

Tea is no longer a drink, but has become a matter of habit and that too a good one!!! Balwant Singh’s Dhaba, near the Elgin Road Gurdwara, is a popular joint amongst the youngsters for its “Masala Chai”. Even at 2:30 am in the night, you can grab a cup of your favorite masala chai out there. Try out one TODAY!


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