Enjoy winter with the mellow taste of Autumn Flush Tea

Enjoy winter with the mellow taste of Autumn Flush Tea

As the onset of winter is heralded with misty mornings, a cup of tea is the perfect companion and what better than the autumn flush tea. A rare tea, grown in the Autumn months of October-November, these teas have a short harvesting time and the tea is less delicate with a fuller body and the tea itself  is even darker than the first and second flush teas.

Considered one of Darjeeling’s finest tea, the autumn leaf tea has a coppery glow and is a little fuller than the typical Darjeeling tea flavor. Since production during this season is low, the tea is treasured by tea grower and connoisseur alike.

autumn-flush-tea-duniyaTo prepare a warm cup of this unique tea, follow the brewing instructions given and enjoy the cup that cheers!

  • Heat  water to boiling point
  • Add one tea spoon of leaves per cup to the tea pot
  • Pour  boiling water as per the number of cups
  • Cover the lid of the tea pot for 3 minutes and let the flavours brew within
  • Adding milk and sugar is not recommended unless it is Assam tea.
  • Pour the final brew into the cups
  • Enjoy the flavor and aroma of each fragrant sip

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