5 essential things one should keep in mind while having a cup of tea

5 essential things one should keep in mind while having a cup of tea

Tea lovers are always searching for new tea flavours to add to your tea collection. Wherever they go, they are on the lookout for a newer, more exotic flavour or an exclusive leaf from a particular garden.
Whatever the colour, aroma or taste, tea comes from the same plant, the famed Camellia sinensis and the differences are based on the region of growth, temperature, soil and of course the season and manufacturing process. And yes, nowadays, the popular infusions are because of addition of flavours or spices.
So, here I bring you 5 essential things based on which you could base your search, guaranteed to give you tea that would be the talk of the next evening tea adda or the best way to kick start your morning.

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1. Taste

Some teas taste malty like Assam, others like Darjeeling are mellow and delicate, some may even be fruity like Oolong or even nutty or spicy (new addition prepared with different spices). It all depends on your taste buds, time of day or even the weather, for your choice of the cup that cheers at any particular moment: while you might opt for the light green tea after a meal, the very same evening while a storm brews you may want to drink a cup of strong CTC Assam tea with milk, sugar and a hint of ginger.

2. Color

The color of tea in your cup totally depends on the type of leaf and the brewing time. Typically, green tea, olong tea white tea (Silver Needle) and Darjeeling tea has a lighter brew while Assam, Kangra and Sri Lankan teas are somewhat darker in color. Whatever be the tea, the test of high quality is a bright, clear cup of tea.

3. Aroma

The first thing a tea connoisseur notices before the cup even touches their lips is the aroma, a matter of great importance to the tea lovers. Drinking good tea is like tasting the finest wines and a true lover of tea will make out right away from the aroma of the cup. Green tea has a herbal aroma, while floral notes may be in white, black, green or oolong. And for those who love their tea, sugar and milk infused together with spices the aroma is totally different, of course.

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4. Quality

This is again based on the type of leaf, the manufacturing process( fermented or unfermented ) whether it is single garden or a blend and teaduniya supplies tea only from exclusive high quality tea brands so whichever you choose, you will never lack in quality. One may prefer first flush tea plucked in spring or the more mature second flush, one may prefer Darjeeling or Assam or even Kangra. Whatever be your pick, the quality is assured

5. Brew

The brewing process and time is what determines the strength of your cup and it is a wholly personal choice: do you want lightly brewed Darjeeling leaf tea or a cup of Kadak Assam CTC with milk and sugar? Do you want instead to enjoy a hint of chocolate or even strawberry in your cup? Or are you sworn to drinking only herbal green tea?

Whatever be your choice, our online tea shop brings tea from different parts of the country, from different gardens and different brands straight to your cup.


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