5 Amazing Benefits of First Flush Organic Tea

5 Amazing Benefits of First Flush Organic Tea

Premium teas have no alternatives. If one wants to define premium tea, then one needs to understand the pivotal role of Flush. At each level of Flush, the premium teas get its color, aroma and taste. The taste, color and aroma of first flush organic tea is different from the Second or seasonal Flush. Teas are classified on colors like black, green and white. Then, it is classified by the country and region like India, China and Bangladesh. As well as, premium teas are classified on the Flush. At the time of First Flush, the first two leaves with a bud are plucked during the season of harvest.

Here are the following benefits of First Flush Organic Tea. Read the following points to understand why this premium tea is so special.

Lively and green

During first flush, the first two leaves with a bud is plucked which is the softest part of the plant. During the process, the leaves are less oxidized and that is why; they are very lively and green in color. The color also depends on the process and the climatic condition of the region where the tea plantation is taking place.

Soft and tender

The leaves are first grown that are processed to make the tea. This is the reason that it has a soft and tender effect. The first flush organic tea offers that tenderness to all the tea lovers.

Fresh and pure

The tea prepared from First Flush leaves is very much pure and fresh. As you sip in a cup of tea that is made from First Flush leaves, then you will instantly feel the rejuvenation. It will energize your body and mind. Buy Organic Tea from the trusted sources so that you can enjoy the actual taste and flavor of First flush tea.

Astringent flavor

 The flavor of this premium tea is very sharp and instantly freshen you up. Waking up in the morning with a cup of First Flush tea is the best thing for your health. The flavor is very captivating and everyone will feel good irrespective of age.

Called as “Champagne” of tea

It is called the “champagne” of tea because First Flush tea is very expensive and cater to a specific class. It is prepared under special care and will enhance your status and regular intake of this premium tea will help you develop a classic taste for the tea.

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All the benefits of First Flush tea are incredible and you can even organize a Tea Party where you can call your loved ones to enjoy the premium taste of premium tea. What say? Go and organize this party to have some quality time with your loved ones. Now, you can Buy Organic Tea First Flush from Teaduniya. It is India’s leading Online Tea Portal that offers First Flush organic tea. Click www.teaduniya.com and place your order.


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