3 things a hot cup of tea can do to help beat Exam Fever

3 things a hot cup of tea can do to help beat Exam Fever

Board exams are knocking on the door with practical examinations already begun. Students are working really hard, under high pressure for their last minute preparation, indulging in long hours of study till the wee of the night or wake up at the crack of dawn, and in the day, rush from one tuition to another, maybe giving mock tests or getting last minute tips.

Stress level is really high during this time, the last hours of preparation before the examinations. If you want to study hard and reduce your exam fear, green tea or black tea can come to your rescue.

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Here’s how to beat that exam fever and stay calm during the final, nail biting, pre-exam tension:

Stress buster

Exams bring stress and this can cause headache. So, taking a break from your books, even if it for 10 minutes and drinking a cup of tea in between your studies will not take away from your concentration, instead it will open up your mental block and throw away all headaches and tensions.


Starting a morning with a cup of tea will actually energize the body give you more power to keep up the tempo and concentration levels. Continue with study and exam. It will actually keep negative energies at bay and bring only positive thoughts.

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Memory Power and Concentration 

Green tea also helps increase concentration and memory Feel free to have several cups of tea as it can remove the toxins from body and in keeping the mind focused on the imminent examination and the greater aim, a well rounded education.

Parent’s moral support 

Yes indeed, this is the most important point and instead of nagging your child or getting stressed yourself (remember negative energy transfers easily), each parent should stay calm and motivate the examinee with refreshing invigorating cups of ginger tulsi tea if you feel a cold is coming on, or just a cup of warm Darjeeling or Assam tea, brewed with love and best wishes.

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